about us


Since the establishment of Thai Chemical and Engineering Co., Ltd. (TCE) in 1977, we have been one of the country leaders in providing chemicals for Steam Boiler Systems, Open Cooling System, Closed Chiller System, and technology specialty water and wastewater treatment. Our dedicated and highly experienced chemists, technical service team, and sales executives stand out in their abilities to provide customized water treatment solutions to match different needs of our customers in various industries.

With highly experienced team, TCE has been providing high quality products and services for three decades.  We have expanded and strengthened our resources to be able to serve our customers with total solutions. Our knowledgeable sales executives, hands-on technical support and skillful laboratory staffs provide both on-site and registered laboratory water analysis to deliver the most customer satisfaction.  We are continually improving in all area of our business aggressively to fit our customers’ requirements with the aim of “one stop shop” for all your water related needs.

Thai Chemical and Engineering Co., Ltd. (TCE) have been certified by ISO 9001:2015 from SGS (Thailand). In addition, Thai Chemical and Engineering Co., Ltd. (TCE) has a laboratory for analyzing water quality / used water and waste water. That has been certified by ISO/IEC 17025 from Department of Science Service (DSS) Thailand.

Getting to know our customers and deliver the right solutions they need,  TCE’s solutions can also help you accelerate the innovative and productive process  by the supply of value added processing chemicals. We are strongly influenced by the increased environmental focus so that the working with our customers will be with over all quality standard responsibility and contributing to protect environment.   Our current customers are among the leaders in their industries such as Sugar, Ethanol, Power, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Textiles, Electronics, Chemicals, Office Buildings and Hotels etc.

TCE has developed an excellent reputation and commitment to serve customers. Our solutions can integrate chemical products, high standard equipments, routine service consultation and top line expertise to deliver the right and cost effective solutions. All water related problems as well as our industrial preventive programs have currently been served to a thousand customers to enable their business with worry-free problems.


The leader in sustainable water solutions in Thailand for a better tomorrow.


We strive to deliver the most optimized water solution to our customers.