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Hospital Group

TCE water treatment solutions provide high-quality water for your guests and facilities. TCE has custom tailored water treatment solution for hundreds of hotel, hospitality facilities, providing immediate benefits in food service, guest water quality, water heaters, laundry, vended services, boilers, and cooling towers. The water supply management is important for Hotel.
Water treatment in TCE services as follows:

1. Water Softener : For water supply before use in Boiler and Cooling System
2. Chemical for Boiler : Antiscale & Anticorrosion, Prevent pitting Corrosion , Steamline & Condensate Control
3. Chemical for Cooling : Antiscale & Anticorrosion, Biocide
4. Monitoring Swimming Pool
5. Water analysis
6. Drinking water
7. Waste water treatment (Domestic waste)
8. Chemical cleaning for boiler, condenser , Media replacement and Coupon test