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Food, Frozen Food, Beverage Group

The water supply management is important for food and beverage industry to ensure the safety, security, and sustainability of water supplies.   TCE can offer the technologies of water purification and disinfection such as filtration, ultra-violet and ozone to maintain the acceptable quality of water for the safe manufacturing of food and beverage.

Various types of wastewater are discharged from food processing industries such as dairy processing, meat-poultry processing, fruit beverage processing, vegetable processing etc.  The components of wastewater and their concentrations, as well as the volume of wastewater, vary with the type of wastewater.

TCE services as follows:

  1. Water Softener : For water supply before use in Boiler and Cooling System
  2. Chemical for Boiler : Antiscale & Anticorrosion, Prevent pitting Corrosion , Steamline & Condensate Control
  3. Chemical for Cooling : Antiscale & Anticorrosion, Biocide
  4. Water analysis
  5. Drinking water
  6. Waste water treatment
  7. Chemical cleaning for boiler, condenser , Media replacement and Coupon test

Normally, the treatment of wastewater from food processing industries utilizes physical, chemical, and biological processes in treating organic compounds. With the integration of our designs, the suspended solid is removed through the simple coagulation and advanced dissolved air flotation (DAF), and the soluble BOD & COD is removed through the cost-effective aerobic or anaerobic biological treatment system.  These designs are based on the considerations of economical consumption of chemicals and minimal sludge generation.